Who Are We?? ORANGE CRUSH! And this is our WHY.

Our journey started in 2017 with initial training sessions covering the basics of soccer with our two beautiful daughters in their quest to learn more about the game. Fast-forward a few years later with several successful seasons of competitive league play under our belt, hundreds of training sessions completed and an overwhelming response from our community of players and parents alike with common interests in helping their kids take their game to the next level. Orange Crush program was born and has evolved into a passionate pursuit of making a lifetime impact on players founded on four pillars of success: TRUST, HONOR, RESPECT AND PURPOSE.

Trust in our own abilities and being able to trust Coaches, our teammates we stand next to on the pitch. Honor the foundation that has been established and carry all the important learning lessons forward along the way in your journey. Respect the process, respect for those who show commitment and support of your athletic journey each step of the way. Within the Crush program, one of our most important core values are leading with Purpose.

        In life, you look for that “one thing” that gets you out of bed each day… That is your Purpose. For our Orange Crush program, our Purpose is to create the best player experience possible for our athletes and to challenge them to be the best versions of themselves both on and off the pitch. Create lessons and memories that will live on forever in the minds and hearts of our athletes is our WHY.

To help us achieve this as a club, Crush coaches are hosting our summer series of advanced skill-building sessions covering all aspects of soccer for players. Here’s the What, When and Where…


Open for All interested players / parents (this is purely optional and highly encouraged).

If  you know of other players you feel would be interested in participating, please get in touch with Coach Travis to discuss names/players/details/etc.



Player Development & Skill-Drills

R9 Ronaldo Academy 

Address: 3516 President Barack Obama Pkwy, Orlando FL 32811

Website: https://www.r9orlando.com/


Player Development & Skill-Drills

RD Keene Park Complex

Address: 10900 Chase Road, Windermere FL 34786

Website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZoN_h2MvRo



Orange Crush coaches have completed liability and insurance application process via Sadler Sports – SODA Amateur Sports Membership Insurance Program that can be applied to all soccer complex, training facilities or venues in Orange County

Feel free to call, text or email individually for any questions Parents…

Coach Travis
C: (386)453-7359

Coach Greg 
C: (407)506-9892

Coach Juan
C: (407)342-1202